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Formed in 2021 the NB Disability Art Collective is a group of New Brunswick artists with lived experience of disability interested in Disability Arts and advocating for accessiblity to arts. 

New Brunswick has the 2nd largest population of persons with disabilities in Canada around 26% of the population of NB.
It is the largest minority group where anyone of us can become a member of it at any time.

What is Disability Arts?

Disability art, any creative work that explores a disability experience, either in content or in form. Although the term disability art is sometimes restricted to artwork that is intended primarily for audiences with disabilities, many disabled artists create work that is intended for audiences that include both disabled and nondisabled people. Occasionally the term is used to refer to any artwork created by a disabled person, whether referencing disability or not, but that usage is uncommon among members of the disability community. A primary function of disability art has been to articulate for the disability community as well as for the mainstream what disability means—politically, personally, and aesthetically.”  (

The Canada Council for the Arts defines it as “Disability arts are created by people with disabilities or with mental illness. This includes artistic practices and processes grounded in ensuring that the lived experiences and identities of disabled people are conveyed, explored or represented. This typically means that disabled artists are directors, creators or main contributors to the artistic process.”

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Since our weekend at the Northside Creators Market, Cass, a student at NBCCD now has a both called Brush Stroke

Artist Residency Exploring Disability Aesthetics

Interview with Lucas Patuelli Disability Without Poverty

Hello my name is Cass. The day I almost died was actually the day I started living. At the age of 22 I suffered a stroke. It left me with many deficits. A few of the most frustrating ones is ataxia and my nystagmus. Which makes my vision shaky.

My fine moter skills aren’t the best, it’s very difficult for my fingers to hold onto small objects. I have been looking for an exercise that would help my ataxia, then after hosting a paint and sip I discovered how fun and therapeutic painting was! It helps greatly with my fine motor skills, coordination, balance, vision, & even overall brain health. There was so many cool techniques that somebody with even my level of ability could do! I’m a perfectionist, so I end up trying really hard to make a painting turn out good. In turn I create works of art at the same time!

Hi, my name is Ysabelle. I am the artist behind this site. I have been visually impaired since birth and acquired chronic pain and anxiety later in life. 

I believe that accessibility requires innovation and who better to lead the charge artists wirh lived experience of course. Nothing about us without us. I found it very helpful to learn about the social model of disability As well as the disability rights movement.

I wanted a place where local New Brunswick artists experiencing disability can connect and share resources with each other. I want to start a dialogue where we can identify the barriers in terms of accessing the arts 

Currently learning more about how to integrate audio description in my own work.

Hey I’m Ryan, I started selling my art in 2020 and sold around 38 canvases a handful
of prints as well as posters. I’ve donated to charities. Stray Cat Rescue in Sussex.
Glaucoma research. As well as a few fundraisers one of which helped a coworker
with a headstone after the unexpected loss of her son.
I’ve created artwork for a friend who passed away for his family. I made a
memorial piece.
I’ve gifted a few pieces one to Adica Massage , one to Medicine Man.
Donated one to a friends Church in St Stephen for their fundraiser.
I’m just a self taught visually impaired Artist showing people to chase their dreams
and to not let a disease or illness hold them back and to always push forward
believe in yourself and just have fun with it.

Hi, I’m Kyra Goguen. Marketer by day artist by night. I’ve been painting on an off since I was a teenager. I started with Acrylics and in university, while I did not have time to paint did I get my minor in Art History. Years later after attending a workshop hosted by Sophie LeBlanc Art, my love of painting was rekindled. What I love the most about watercolour is that the medium forces you to let go and not be a perfectionist.  it has a mind of its own, and therapeutically force me to “go with the flow” (pun intended). I’m drawn to florals and fauna, and occasionally landscapes. I’m also inspired by vintage floral paintings like those found in Victorian botany textbooks.  I’m also a voice actress. I’ve narrated telephone prompts, e-learning modules, descriptive video and promotional videos for Medavie Blue Cross, Accessible Media Inc. as well as the Greater Moncton International Airport.

Hi, I’m Laurianne, Ysabelle’s cool mom. I am a visual artist and curator. I believe art is a powerful tool for love and healing.  

I have done sculpture, quilting, embroidery. But mainly I have painting working mostly with oil and acrylic. 

Currently, I am having a lot fun doing fabric collage.  Art has really connected our family over the years. 


Tobie Gregan

Hey my name is Jessica Kenney (they/them). I am a neurodivergent interdisciplinary artist, and musician. I work in several different mediums, finding unique and playful combinations of techniques and principles. My main mediums at the moment are: needle felting, sculpture, photo manipulation, 2d animation, vfx, and illustration. I also dabble in watercolor and india ink. I am like a rather large, and clumsy butterfly flitting from one medium to the next.
Art is a great way to raise your voice in a world that doesn’t understand what it is like to be different, it is a great way to see ideas through another perspective. Art is our chance to tell our stories and to reach out into the world. I tell stories through colour, conveying feelings and abstract ideas in a unique combination of various media. My inspiration is drawn from my cats, my mom’s garden, nature in general, anatomy, the idea of hope, and tone colour in music. I particularly enjoy finding connections between things I am interested in. 
I have anxiety, depression, adhd, ptsd, fibromyalgia and a few other health issues. Living with chronic pain, and living with invisible illness is difficult. There is a lot of discrimination when you look fine on the outside.People can’t see that I am struggling and I hurt everyday, sometimes even clothes hurt to wear, sometimes getting out of bed is too painful. Just because you can’t see a disability doesn’t mean it is not there or that it is less valid. I struggle to be well enough to create, I often find myself saying that I do more art and painting in my head than I do in real life. I do the best I can with the life I have, one day at a time, and I am grateful for the people around me that support me in so many ways.


Tobie Gregan

Bio Coming Soon

Disability Arts Writing

Hi I am Christiana,  a curator and artist from Saint John, New Brunswick. I have my MLitt in Curatorial Practice from the Glasgow School of Art and was Canadian Art’s winter 2018 editorial resident.

C Magazine / Crip Hope

On the Complexity of Cripping the Arts – Canadian Art

Automatisme Ambulatoire: Hysteria, Imitation, Performance – Canadian Art

Ysabelle Vautour

Hi Ysabelle again here, I was fortunate to attend a workshop hosted by Artslink NB and Canadian Art Magazine on Arts Writing. 

Akimbo/Disability Atlantic Arts Symposium

Grid City Magazine – Art as Therapy

Createdhere Magazine  Issue 11 Psyche – Access to Art