Hire me for your events

Add interest to your event with a visual note-taker, a live painting, a video performance, panel discussion or an arts talk on creative self-expression or disability art.


Creativity workshops

Group or customized private art classes from an artist who is dedicated to inclusive art education.

I may also serve as an art mentor or help with arts programing as an artist in residence


Are you an artist and are wondering how to get your work out there and get more recognition?

Need help with your website? To find and apply for art grants?

Would you like to see your work in print or online? Here is an article I wrote for Akimbo.

Accessibility Consulting

I have worked with JRG Society for the Arts, Fredericton Flourish Festival, Solo Chicken Productions and more

I can also help with creating audio description services

Want a custom painting or mural? I am comfortable with most subject matter: wildlife, portraits, figures, abstract, still life, etc. I’m a graduate of the inspire festival mural training program.

2023 Video Cabaret

2023 NBDAC Group Show at the Pattes de Mouche Gallery

Speak Out Poetry Book

2022 Hidden Treasures Group Show at the Fredericton Playhouse Gallery

Vocal Eye Almost Live Interview

What Others Are Saying

Ysabelle has an authentic and original style that instantly appeals. Her use of colours, along with her sense of Magic and mystery, evokes more in me than any artwork I can recall in years. If you personally enjoy surrealism, beauty, and romance, you will be drawn in by the depths, and many charms, of her numerous creations. Oh, and I also love Christmas…so have enjoyed seeing some of the Santas she has done. She really captures that “mystery” aspect of Santa, as a child would see him. ☃️❤👍 THANK YOU, YSABELLE, for your artwork, which allows all of us to see the world through new eyes again. A talented true artist, and visionary…with the soul of a poet. Recommended!

David Jolly, Entertainer

This just in….Complete. Commissioned artist Ysabelle Vautour to give me her imagery of the soul of Tom Brady.

And not only did she do an incredible job as an amazing artist but she also has this talent while being color blind.

True champion style…aka Brady style!

For those that knows me this painting had to be perfect…not only representing the man but also his spirit! Ysabelle will be getting more requests from me for my private collection. Merci Bella

Rivers Corbett, Business Owner

I’m learning so much from my private classes with Ysabelle. Her lessons are practical and fun! She is crazy talented and extremely knowledgeable. As someone who is healing from a head injury, she gives me the confidence to express and explore through my art.

Joanne Currie, Art Student

Ysabelle makes art fun. She is gifted in many art mediums. Her unique perspective on creating solutions for people with accessibility challenges is inspiring. If you’re looking to create something, or need a confidence boost, Ysabelle is the person to connect with.

Stephanie Mead, Business Owner

Ysabelle is an amazing artist and teacher. I have learned so much from her in a short time. I have always wanted to learn how to paint portraits and she is teaching me how to do this. I so look forward to her class every week. They are so much fun ! Thank you Ysabelle, , you inspire me !

Mary Lou Currie , Art Student

Mrs. Vautours paintings have life to them. I first became enamored with her work when I saw how she captured the emotiom in her lovers embrace painting. She painted Australian Cattle Dog Libby and really captured her essence. Especially in the eyes.

Vicki Jean Nash , Customer
Her ability to give her paintings life is incredible. Ysabelle has difficulty with her eyesight and even with this, she’s able to capture the soul in each painting she paints. I’m blown away again and again that when I see her art, I feel like I’m looking at an alive being. beautiful ❤️.
Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world.
Danny Daigle, Art Lover