About Creating Accessible Solutions

I believe art is for everyone. I believe that art helps us communicate important ideas. I believe accessibility needs innovation to thrive therefor I strive to cultivate and foster the creative process through my own art’s practice as well through inclusive art education. Basically my long-term goal is creating a new way of thinking about accessibility with art.

Studio visits available upon request

Why I make art

Art gives me a space to express myself sometimes there is just so much I want to say but there isn’t a space or time to talk about it. I love the sense of accomplishment when a piece turns out way better than I expected. The joy I get from flipping through a finished sketchbook I have made is like wow this is a visual reminder of where I have been and what my thoughts were. I make art because it helps me solidify ideas and helps to bring others to approach me and talk about theirs. I make it because I have a lot of curiosity and wonder what if this happened so I want to see how that unfolds. Inspiration is very contagious. I make art to shut down the self doubt that I can’t do something. Judgement is often what stops people from creating. I make art to cultivate courage, openness and a sense of wonder. I make art because it offers a space for reflection and dialogue. It makes me feel alive. Inspiration is so energizing. How can we merge ideas together and how can we solve problems in a way that is beautiful.

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