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I am creative, quirky and caring
I am solid and hold my ground
I am free, I am strong and daring
I am a force to be Reckoned with
I am like the sound of the violin that pierces threw your soul
I am feisty opinionated and if crossed I will cut you a new role
I am grateful for your consideration, humor and willing energy
I am the one the falls in love with your candor and integrity
I am tired of being ignored
I am the one too curious to be bored
I am a trail blazer with that quiet confidence that perseveres
I am in constant motion always progressing throughout the years
I am courageous marching forward without a doubt
I am tall reflective and insightful
I am funny refreshing and delightful
I am a mobster lobster an acadian visionary
i am organized, concise and my list making skills are scary
I am a rebel a cad a rockabilly hipster
I am adventurous and resourceful
I am a complex and multifaceted twister
I am the seeker of truth and passion
I am quick, direct, and put that thought into action
I am a spin DR for the chagrined and I can see the force that you have within
I am a the supporter of your hopes and idiosyncrasies
I am speaker an advocate and a proud charming oddity
I am made for brainstorming and focus groups
I was once part of many an improv troupe
I am mediator a locator a collector of ideas
I am a french manicure and a long main of black hair
I am not one to be pushed aside so you should beware
I am the fire the spark and ignition to your dream
I am the questioning philosopher to the mainstream
And when I am faced with temporary defeat I sing dance and shake it off as the task is not complete
I am a thoughtful creator that brings light to the unseen
I am blind,
and a fucking queen

A tingly full bodied feeling came over me

As I create and follow my truth with a zest and confidence

I am in touch with my inner feminine badass, a goddess within

Playful in action mind you she has sensible substance seeing the emotions of others

Relieves them with concern and a gentle humor

The calm and happy wise soul who dares to act boldly with a cheeky smile on her face

There is fluidity and freedom working in collaboration love is present and time forgives

A joyfulness spirit approaches when you trust you are safe and cherished my beloved

Be filled with what nurtures you go towards it there is far more then you imagine

She feels what is beneath her senses are awakened a vulnerable strength emerges

Others can’t help but be drawn in to assist her at the ready they offer their leadership

She receives and directs with equality it’s a supported and engaged team

Everything you need is right there listen to the stillness and participate fully

Speak now genuine fire as soon as you are compelled

It takes over you do not know if it’s you or her

Ideas are incorporated together they melt as one


United and yet beautifully complex

Intricate diversity fogs the mind and stirs the soul

At a glance it seems simple but pay attention there is so much to learn

You are afraid and yet come closer that’s when I embrace you

For your courage and your unbridled words warms my heart

Be here now dance 

She regrets nothing 

Speak to her

Keep going and you will get there

Be at ease you will move with a renewed vigor

Notice there is magic at work

Allow it to come in

Enjoy and remember to praise

For life is so beautiful when you look past the masquerade 

Integrity dances firm and frames you nicely

While you flirt with ideas and choose wisely 

I see your disconnection and loneliness and I say to you it’s a lie that sets you apart


You may not feel it now but you are stalling and blocking the desires of the heart

Sink into your soul and listen to the greater force that you have

Live to serve and see the whimsy 

steadfast patient but comes off clumbsy 

Behold and get ready to meet the love of your life

it’s in the courageous acts of passion

Where your heart sings and you connect with what strengthens you

Meet her now she is in you ready to be admired to be heard to give herself to the world

Surrender and she will be with you always 

You have no one to impress but your self respect 

She has much to do and so much to offer 

Wont you let her?

Wont you love her?

spend time with and just be her?

I remember the excitement

my thoughts bursting with ideas

like I couldn’t get home fast enough

walking home from a poetry reading


My mind rehearsing the lines over and over

my heart was pounding harder and harder


I couldn’t wait to start writing

this was years ago

but something happened

I don’t remember what but something grab my attention and I not got to it

I never wrote them down

my ideas are gone now forever

I am so sad

I let the baby inside me die by distraction

I don’t even remember what the distraction was that’s how insidious distractions are


they promise they will just take a minute that

they will just be one

don’t worry the next distractions says

you’ll soon return to those ideas in your head

how many still born poems rot inside us

what happens to them

when I am touched by a beautiful piece of art and I feel my body shake

Is it all the unwritten poems crying out

jealous they get to see the light of day

making me shed tears




you forge a path

taking action thoughtfully precisely with a clear map




you inspire me to follow you

I feel so safe

I crave your protection your stability

I feel your energy penetrating me and I melt

you give me room to feel

the plan is set and I can relax because you’ve got this

I can fully jump into the experience

I feel everything

you make sense of my chaos and I am grateful to you


When I am overwhelm you lift my burden

your shoulders are so strong you carry all these responsibilities

yours mine and even the communities

Your a saint

called to do what’s right

it’s truly amazing what you can handle

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