Is that how you treat your mother?
We are shaded by the trees
listening to the birds
out of my stuffy apartment
I get that hit of fresh air engulfing me
I feel safe and calm it’s like the air is breathing me
Fully present my senses come alive
curiosity peaked
curvy winding paths it’s waterfalls I seek
I feel free I can move any way I please
the water accepts and lifts me up
be it swimming, or in a cup
Hatching out of eggs
Seasons changing
birds in flight
soft moss
animals gathering
Thunderstorms are raging
Cold winds Hailing
You better start explaining
why our children’s hearts are breaking
so many broken promises
earth shaking
our responsibility failing
forest fires are a blazing
you ignore more and more
it’s devastating
we are nature and self hating
as one by one we start fading
We neglect data cycles deregulating
It’s our EGO systems that needs taming
Drowning in seas of plastic
we’ve lost the wonder and fantastic
forests airs oceans are healing majestic
we choose digital over ecological
isolated consumption disconnected
we need to get our heads corrected
online video is what’s projected
a steady stream
rivers dried up are unseen
Distracted by busy to do lists
no time and always in a hurry
zombie life
you’re vision’s blurry
you say that planet’s fine don’t worry
what you’re mind has seem to slip
is this is a relationship
Mother nature is crying for you but you won’t pick up the phone
you focus on other things while she’s suffering alone