Member’s Show July 22nd-September 13th 2021

Thank you to all the folks who helped to put this together for us. I am thankful I got to see some art and fellow artists and art lovers today at the Connexion Member’s Show at Charlotte Street Arts Centre it was a lot of fun, I am thankful for the gift bag of chocolates and another artist bought one of my little art babies. I would have like to stay until the end but I have a meeting with my new art mentor and then I will be in a focus group about disability representation in the media, If you want to see the art the show runs from July 22nd to September 13th if you want to buy any of the work just contact the artist directly their contact info should be on the tag or contact Connexion Artist-Run Centre and they will help you out. 🙂

Art Bucket List

-Make a Living as an Artist

-Attend disability arts conference -Attend an art therapy conference -Go to school for Art Therapy

-Get published in Canadian Art

-Show at a disability arts festival

-Create a local disability arts festival

-Create a professional online course

-Receive Art Therapy

-Finish all levels of the Shambhala Art Courses -Win at Art Battle -Get Canada council for the arts Grant -Travel for a paid Artist Residency -Get my art in The Gallery on Queen, Gallery 78, The Beaverbrook -Get an RBC Grant -Play Bob’s Ross Board Game Happy Little Accidents -Show art in Europe -Make a piece of art that is bigger than me -Try Encaustic Panting -Take watercolor classes -Get an art mentor -Get my work featured in CBC Arts -Get featured at AMI -I like to go to art school -Practice figure drawings, gestures, learn to draw better from imagination -Have Art Collectors -Get an artist studio / dedicated space just for that purpose -Create a non profit that help artists with disability thrive and get the resources they need to be artists -Create a lending tools library -Learn more about disability art history -Go to Tangled -Create a disability art history resource -Get a professional grade mat cutter -Get in to Beneath the Surface -Work in an art store, in art admin -Get more students in my art class -Develop a online course -Get popular enough for patreon to be worth it -Get sponsorships companies giving me art supplies to review