FAA Artist in Residence Collaboration

FAA Summer Artist in Residence Program presents Ramneet Kalra & Ysabelle Vautour, Jul. 17-23
Over the summer, 19 jury-selected artists will spend a week in the Fredericton Arts Alliance‟s Casemate, located in the Historic
Garrison District, where they will explore the theme of “Collaboration.” 2023 sees the artists working together in real-time and
sharing their creative impulses with each other and the visiting public. Ramneet Kalra‟s photography and poetry meet Ysabelle
Vautour’s artwork in a collaboration to amplify the lived experiences of people with disabilities with the New Brunswick
Disability Art Collective during Disability Pride Month.
 Ramneet Kalra, a self-taught photographer and poet, captures the essence of his experiences through images and verses.
When he began taking pictures, his father guided him, teaching him looking deeply within as the human eye can see more
colours and angles that even the best cameras cannot. Ramneet claims that the power of a photo lies not in its technical
quality but in its ability to connect with viewers and evoke shared moments of emotion.
 Yasbelle Vautour’s early stages of painting involved navigating her visual impairment, sensitivity to light and
monochromatic vision, within a field in which she did not feel she belonged. With time her understanding of what art had
to be was transformed. Today through her art, she captures a person’s energy and inner self where words fall short, most
notably by face
Kalra and Vautour will collaborate with the New Brunswick Disability Art Collective (NBDAC) during their residency; the
initiative is “Speaking Out”. They aim to provide a platform for disabled artists to amplify disability pride and narratives through
visual art and poetry alongside an accompanying video. Vautour is set to paint portraits of the NBDAC members who partake. And Kalra will be hosting a poetry workshop and helping to compile and curate a the video as well as book of poetry from the collective. Kalra will also be hosting a similar event to for artists of the BIPOC community this Fall.

The Fredericton Arts Alliance greatly appreciates the continuing support of the City of Fredericton and Downtown Fredericton in
making these residencies possible. For more information, visit https://www.frederictonartsalliance.ca/activities/artists-in-residence
or contact kfitzr@icloud.com